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Hey bro

This reminds me of Raptor & Tyrian, is this at all inspired from tyrian to be exact?

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Afro-Ninja responds:

never played tyrian. my personal inspiration is phalanx from snes

8-bit Binary Converter 8-bit Binary Converter

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0100100101101101011100000111001001100 1010111001101110011011001010110010000 1011000010000001101101011101010110001 1011010000010110000100000011001110110 1111011101000111010001100001001000000 1100010011001010010000001100110011101 0101100011011010110110111001100111001 0000001101101011000010110010000100000 0111010001101111001000000110110101100 0010110101101100101001000000111010001 1010000110100101110011001000000111000 0011100100110111101100111011100100110 000101101101

Two Rooms Two Rooms

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Quite difficult.

Nice game, and... yeah hard... you should do level codes...

Doom Triple Pack Doom Triple Pack

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From what I understand as an ex-programmer...

I understand what he has done, if I am wrong, reply please....

He used the entire source code from the original doom, and since Alchemy runs entirely on C and C++... He has copy and pasted the source code formula.. but.. ITS beyond me how the fuck he got it to work... This is technology people... Stuff gets better, and what an excellent conversion... runs slow as hell on my PC... oh WELL :P

MiniCar Racing MiniCar Racing

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Hey mate

Thank you for using my song!!


Super Saimon Deluxe Super Saimon Deluxe

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5th place.. not bad my memory went bung after a while

NG 1337 Translator! NG 1337 Translator!

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yeah right?!

7|-|15 15 7|2(_)3|_Y 7|-|3 57(_)|O1|)357 |_337 7|2

which is equal too:

This is truely the stupidest l33t translator ever, sorry to be incredibly honest with you.

My version:

+h15 15 +Ru3ly +H3 5+uP1D35+ l33+ +r4N5l4+0r 3v3R, 50rrY +0 b3 1NcR3DiBly H0n35+ w1+H U.