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Sup cunts?

2016-10-12 21:57:17 by Teck071

Yo guys Im back whats happening on NG?


Full mixable tracks for your DJing needs.
This album contains some of the very best of 2011 and 2012.
Tracks that have gone otherwise unnoticed, and are unreleased.
This would be some of the best of my work guaranteed.

Buy from here: NuroGL's Bandcamp page, buy album here!

1.Trancending Breaks (BBT 1.3 Remake) - 05:05
2.Core Sustenance - 07:14
3.Darkside - 05:50
4.Supreme - 06:51
5.Elation Overdose - 06:30
6.Silent Takedown 2010 - 07:45
7.Sentinal - 07:55
8.OCD - 09:53
9.Psygnosis - 07:28
10.Hell Yeah! - 07:52

all for $12.50 like the previous album :)

NuroGL Best of Volume 2 Out 9/11/2012

Star 4 Me

2010-05-22 02:58:39 by Teck071

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Ra Ra Ooo La Ro Ma Gaga Romance

2009-12-20 23:08:07 by Teck071

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Need I say more?

2009-12-13 20:34:12 by Teck071

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G'day everyone, I see your problem of commiting to NewGrounds, too many fat, slack - simply putrid untalented geeks administer this site, I for one am an avid submitter, audio wise, and in some way feel Im getting nothing from it apart from dead foreskin... litterally, someone's cock has touched this keyboard, and shed their days of not washed SHIT on this keyboard (at internet cafe).

Aside from some random blabber, and really no point, just getting your attention really.

LINKS to my new/great tracks...

Teck071 - Normality (Klubb Mix)
Teck071 - Set You Free (Extended Mix)
Teck071 - Aria (2009 Remake)

So.. hows everyone going? Blogs are offically lame

New Trance Video

2009-06-15 04:32:14 by Teck071

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yo check this!

2008-10-24 20:05:41 by Teck071

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Sick to death of Zero-Bombers

2008-10-21 08:29:48 by Teck071

Look, now after signing to a label, im happy with that! But submitting samples to the newgrounds community and recieving a whopping huge cock up the arse is not nice... Who the fuck are these "Zero Bombers?" Why do they shame your submission down, especially after you have worked day in and day out ... thinking hard as fuck !!!... of what melodies to make, equalising, structuring etc etc...

Man... like us stressed out producers should make a pact/gang and bash the kiddies who do this, fully shed some blood...

Well then again what can you do...?

Peace out?!